Kimkins Lawsuit

So, for a $300 fee…  What do I get? 

I get the right to express myself and I get the right of freedom of speech.  And now I intend to do just that.  Freely speak up.


Heidi Diaz, owner of Kimkins website, I have a simple question for you.  What are you suing me for?  You have lumped me in a generic catagory claiming I have conspired with others to help ruin your business.  Yet, you KNOW I have been banned from the LCF forum which you claim promotes ruining your business and you KNOW they like me second only to you.  There is little said there about you that they haven’t said about me too.  This is my own fault for believing what you told me and feeling sorry enough for you to take your side.  And guess what?  Even banned I am not suing LCF or anyone else.  In fact, there are blogs still out there that were less than kind to me and I am not suing the blog owners either.  Why?  Because these people all have the first ammendment right to freedom of speech. 


Heidi Diaz, you and you alone are responsible for your economic downfall.  You made the decisions to put up the Russian bride pics as your supposed success stories.  And it was your decision to keep that a secret from your staff and your members.  It was you who made wild claims of losing 198 lbs in a short time and keeping it off (easily I might add) for years.  And it was you who chose to continue with that lie until you were caught.  It was you who kept insisting to me that you were not Heidi Diaz and you sent me out on your forum to tell others that you were not her.  And yes, it was finally you who admitted to me a day before the Mike and Juliet Show that yes, you were Heidi Diaz after all.  BUT, you couldn’t even admit that without telling me yet one more lie…  Which was your response when I asked about your current weight.  You said at one time you had been as low as 150lbs and you said for you that was pretty good.  Now, why, if this was true, did you not just use that weight and pics from then (and I mean YOUR pics, lol) to promote your website??  I believe I know the answer.  The answer, according to your own children’s depositions, is that you were never any smaller than you are right now, today.  And Heidi Diaz, let us not forget the fraudulent foster care kid fundraiser you allowed me to promote on your site.  According to you (and your emails) you had to turn foster children out at age 18 and there was no state help so you helped them on your own.  I asked you for permission to run that challenge and you not only said yes but claimed how greatful you were for the “kids”.  So let’s talk about those kids.  According to the information John Teidt has told me, you had one single foster boy at home who joined the military at age 18.  You lied again.  Your house was NOT overflowing with foster boys as you claimed, ready to turn 18 with no where to go.  So later, and not knowing this yet, I ask you for proof of where you spent the money raised.  You could not produce a single reciept, claiming you didn’t want to prove your true identity, following your lie of NOT being Heidi Diaz.  Suddenly the media was contacted to report this story and it was YOU who decided rather than show who you really were (what a great excuse and LIE) that I could contact an agency in CA who helps foster children on behalf of Kimkins and that Kimkins would donate $500–much more than you claimed was paid in.  Not knowing who you really were, I gladly did so thinking it was wonderful and generous and I was pleased knowing the money would be well spent.  You set me up good, now didn’t you?  Yes, freedom of speech is a wonderful thing! 


And let us not forget one thing.  While you did pull the fake success stories from your site, you cannot go back and submit YOUR pic to Women’s World (yep, you lied to them too) in place of the pic you stole who was NOT you.  And yes, you can give refunds to those who request refunds if they joined your site under false pretenses.  Or you can just change passwords to lock out anyone you please, refund requested or not.  But there is still another lie you cannot cover.  You still don’t weigh 118 lbs and recent pics prove you have not lost any notable weight on your own Kimkins diet plan.  I am sure you are claiming stress from the bloggers and such as the cause…  But Heidi Diaz,  why were you never the lower weights you have claimed BEFORE the bloggers came out to speak up against the fraud? 

Perhaps you are suing me for opening another low carb website and inviting your members to join for free.  Too bad.  It is a free world and people can join any and as many forums as they want.  Campcarbaway took no money from you as your people had already paid you to join.  So again I ask you, Heidi Diaz, what are you suing me for? 

 Could you be angry that I willingly turned over all of your and my email exchanges to John Teidt?  I do not recall ever signing a confidentuality clause.  In fact, you said you could not even help me obtain legal council, much less continue payroll for any of us.  Was that a lie too?  lol 

So you go right ahead and sue.  John will bill YOU for his services and I am more than happy to pay the $300 filing fee for my share.  And it will be YOU who pays me back. 

So I think it is safe for me to call you out as a liar under the freedom of speech act.  LIAR!


6 Responses to “Kimkins Lawsuit”

  1. 2big4mysize Says:

    I know you don’t consider yourself a DUCK so welcome to the SMACK s BRIGADE.

    be sure you keep SMACKing KIMMER

  2. OhYeahBabe Says:

    You raised a lot of valid points, Tippy. What did you ever do to Heidi, besides quietly turning over evidence? I’m sure you had the ammunition to do her a LOT of damage all over the web. Instead you did your own thing. She should be thanking you.

  3. Yust Yucky Says:

    {{{JB}} Heartfelt sympathies and best wishes to you and all the others who got tangled up in Hidey’s evil webs. I’m so sorry for all the mean things I said to and about you, Jeannie, and to and about several other people — you are all fighting against Evil, and that’s the main thing.

  4. jeanniebaitinger Says:

    Yucky, in my little world all is forgiven, just as I hope to be forgiven taking the stance I did. Hugs to you too.

  5. amyb1569 Says:

    Maybe she is more scared of what you might tell vs what you have told. Heidi can not recall what or who she told things to. For all she THINKS you know some deep dark secret. She wants to hush you up and somehow I think that will not happen. Stupid move Heidi..Oh all your moves are stupid lately.
    One thing for sure. YOU now are not the same person that Heidi Diaz THOUGHT she could fool.

  6. Avenuegirl Says:

    Tippy, I am glad to see you blogging again. I am happy that you know the real truth about Kimkins, and Kimmer, and Heidi Diaz, and just how low she will go. I am happy to see you speaking up. She is grasping at straws and trying to intimidate us from telling the truth. I wish more people had the courage like yourself to start up a blog and let the world know how they really feel. You are on the right team now. I would like to thank you personally for helping by sharing your information with John. We have all been through a lot with this. She achieved her financial advantage by lying to thousands of people.

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